Bishop Wanok urges Christians to work for development

Bishop Wanok urges Christians to work for development

Bishop Wanok urges Christians to work for development.

Fr Isaac Ojok
The Bishop of Lira diocese Rt. Rev Sanctus Lino Wanok has challenged Christians to focus on work that can propagate the faith among the people of God.

During his homily on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of Lira diocese held on 9th September 2022, the bishop noted that it is timely for Christians to reflect and further embrace work that can facilitate the growth of faith and of Mission of Christ in Lira diocese.

He further reminded the Congregation that, celebrating the 54th diocesan anniversary is a reminder to each one to remain focused, so as to create avenue to overcome challenges and temptations which can entice them to sin and become blind spiritually.

The Bishop implored the Congregation to remain active in their various Lay Movements and Associations in a move to remain relevant and enhance the work being done in the mission of the church.

According to Bishop Wanok, the Mission of the church cannot expand without the full participation and involvement of the people of God and that it is necessary for a Christian to know his or her roles in the Church.

He reiterated that Christians should reflect on the existence of the Diocese and how it has helped the people to identify the blind spots in their lives so that they are able to see the way and the truth.

Rt. Rev. Sanctus Lino Wanok decried how the world is adopting the culture of sin that is characterized by killings, corruption and others saying Christians should remain alert and instead concentrate on development and growth of faith in Lira diocese.

He says to date, education that used to be promoted by the developed nations is diminishing and that fighting for positions and prestige is taking lead.

Instead he said, if the knowledge of Christ is put first and supported by education, people would not be dangerous to the society.

Meanwhile the Vice President of the Republic of Uganda who attended the celebration Her Excellency Jessica Alupo, challenged the congregation to remain focused and work to develop their localities.

Vice President of the Republic of Uganda Her Excellency Jessica Alupo being received by Rt Rev Sanctus Lino Wanok and other local leaders in the region.

She invited the people to listen to the advice of the religious leaders in a bid for them to grow and become good citizens.

The Vice President commended Lira diocese for the services being rendered to the people in the sectors of Education, Health, Social services including other programs like poverty eradication among others.

She mentioned that government will continue to partner with the Church in extending development and services nearer to the people.

The celebration of the 54th Diocesan Anniversary was marked with the fund raising drive aimed at generating funds that will be used to construct a magnificent residence of the Bishop.
Lira Diocese was founded on 12th July 1968 with Rt Rev Ceaser Asili as the first Bishop.