Catholic Diocese of Jinja announces a new Deanery

Catholic Diocese of Jinja announces a new Deanery

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Jinja: The Diocese of Jinja has announced a newly created Deanery in the Diocese.

According to an official letter from the Bishop’s office addressed to the clergy and the entire lay faithful, written and released earlier on Monday February 19th 2024 by Rev. Fr. Gerald Muto, the Diocesan Chancellor Diocese of Jinja, the newly created deanery known as Buswaale Deanery has been curved and detached out of Busowa deanery where it has been part, and it shall comprise of the following four parishes, namely; Nankoma, Muterere, Buswaale itself and Busiro Parishes in Jinja Diocese.

“The proposed seat of the new Deanery will be at Buswaale Parish’ the Chancellor states, in the letter and the pioneer first Dean of the new Deanery of Buswaale is Rev. Fr. Anthony Kabaka who is also the Parish’ priest of Muterere Parish.

The creation of this new Deanery in the Diocese of Jinja has led to an increase in the number of deaneries from five (5) to Now Six (6) deaneries in the Diocese which are Jinja, Budini, Iganga, Kamuli, Busowa, and the newly created Buswaale Deaneries.

The creation of new parishes and deaneries in Diocese is based on various factors especially the concern of extending Christian and Catholic ministerial services close to the christians like sacraments, Masses and other spiritual needs of a Christian by priests, bishops and other clergy members in the Catholic Church.