A prayer for the new year…

A prayer for the new year…

A prayer for the new year…
God our Father, we thank you first and foremost for the countless blessings of this year that has passed. We thank you for accepting us to walk through it to the end and indeed we have only made it out of your grace.

Lord, we thank you for this new year 2023 that you have ushered us to. We pray and ask for your guidance and wisdom, strength and power to be constantly present in our midst. We pray you will make us strong, determined and courageous for the road ahead.

Father God, give us the ability beyond our ability and may your gifts flow freely through us, so that you will be honored by our lives and others may be drawn to you. May you be at the center of our lives and in everything.

Grant us the grace to face whatever comes our way especially, the unpredictable situations. Be our place of refuge, source of happiness and our provider.
In you we live and move and have our being.

Most Holy Spirit, be our helper and teacher in times when we are unsure. Fill us and be our source of knowledge, for,
Jesus, In you, we trust.

By Rev. Fr. Solomon Oyepa