Daily Reflection Friday 29th October 2021

Daily Reflection Friday 29th October 2021

29th October 2021

Luke 14:1-6


The Pharisees had come to the point where they thought that God cared only about the Law, and their interpretation of it. In reality, God’s priority is about people and their situations. God loves you in deeply! God cares about what you are going through and He knows that soon the storm will be over. God also wants us to respond in compassion to care for others, and they will want the God that cares for you. God cares! Keep the circle of care rotating.

Heavenly Father, may I honor you in my work and in my rest and in the way I treat my neighbour. Fill me with yourlove and grant me the grace to seek the good of my neighbour in all situations inJesus’ Name I pray, Amen.