Daily Reflection Tuesday 10th August 2021

Daily Reflection Tuesday 10th August 2021


10th August 2021

Feast of Saint Lawrence, Deacon and Martyrs

John 12:24-26

The Christian life is not about finding safety and comfort but it is about being fruitful. Christianity may be comforting but it is often not comfortable because following Christ brings us into conflict with the world, systems, people …. that are opposed to the ethics and demands of the gospel of Christ.

Jesus knew that his death would be fruitful beyondall imagining. And being fruitful was more important to him than being comfortable. Here is a question: is being fruitful for Christ more important to you than being safe or comfortable? The truth is that you cannot fulfil your Christian calling in your comfort zone.

Lord Jesus, grant me the the courage to follow St. Lawrence’s exemplary Christian life. Give me the grace to die to self so that I may bear fruits to the glory of your name and my eternal salvation. Amen.

Rev. Fr. Alexander M