Daily Reflection Wednesday 30 June 2021

Daily Reflection Wednesday 30 June 2021


30th June 2021
Mat 8:28-34

One of the well-known miracles by Jesus is the healing of the Gadarene demoniacs. He casts the demons into a large herd of swine, who then drown themselves in the lake. The town’s people ask Jesus to leave, because they wanted their pigs more than they wanted Jesus. The pigs represent a way of life that produces uncleanness – a lifestyle of sin. Also, the things that we tend to focus on more than our relationship with Jesus and our eternal destiny. Don’t let your “pigs” hold you back. They are not worth it. May the Lord bless you and set you free!

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for providing deliverance from any form of bondage. I declare you are Lord of my life and every evil spirit, pattern of sin and ungodliness has to leave me. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Rev. Fr. Alexander Mwebembezi