Mariatona Program At Radio Maria Kabale


By Davis Owomugisha, Kabale Catholic Diocese.

As Radio Maria Uganda celebrates 25 years, newly created Radio Maria Kabale sub station is mobilising funds to complete the debt that accumulated due to renting space at the UTL mast at kihumuro hill in Kabale municipality, totaling to 60m. After clearing this debt,Radio Maria Kabale sub station shall be able to migrate to its next constructed mast of 80metres high, which will help Christians in the entire diocese receive the radio signal. Currently Radio Maria Kabale is operating at 45metres high on the rented space of UTL mast.

Of recent Radio Maria Kabale substation has tried to improve on the broadcast whereby those with internet but cannot receive the signal of 100.8fm, can listen online by downloading the radio maria app, or accessing radio Maria Uganda Kabale by streaming live.

The Kabale substation of Radio Maria Uganda was officially launched on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, 8 December 2017. Bishop Callistus Rubaramira, of the Diocese of Kabale, celebrated Mass and then blessed the studios. The substation is located in the southwest of Uganda and broadcasts in the local language for a few hours with other programs from the national Radio Maria, based in Kampala, rounding out the programming. Present at the Launch was Hon Mary Paula Turyahikayo, the then member of parliament who managed to obtain the frequency from the government. Also in attendance were Fr. Kizito Kirenga, national director of Radio Maria Uganda, and the management team….Currently,Radio Maria Kabale is thriving to easing evangelization to it’s listeners..