Miraculous Prayer for Healing of Ulcers

A miraculous prayer to St. Timothy for healing of ulcers.

Are you suffering from an ulcer? Whether peptic or gastric ulcer? Do you know someone who is suffering from such illness? If so, do not feel discouraged or hopeless. You are in the right place and this article is for you.
Saint Timothy who was an ardent Christian, a faithful follower of Christ and the disciple of Saint Paul suffered from an illness at some point in his life. It is not stated which exact illness it was but it clearly states that it was a stomach illness. Due to this, when he was canonized, he was made patron saint of stomach ailments. St Timothy did not get discouraged and give up on serving God devotedly. He kept going and growing in his life of service to God. Say this prayer seeking his intercession and healing. A lot of people have testified about miraculous healings they obtained through him. You can too:

“Dear Saint,
well known for your gentleness,
you were a most faithful disciple of
Saint Paul, and like him,
traveled much to bring
the Good News to all people.
The Letters Paul wrote to you reveal your zeal
and inspire us with confidence in you.
You too were cast into prison
and you too gave your life for Christ.
So with confidence we dare to ask,
please obtain relief for
(name of sufferer),
if it be God’s will.

Aside from others, both Saint Jerome and Saint John Chrysostom have testified to miraculous healings obtained through Saint Timothy at the shrine in Constantinople where his relics were transferred from his tomb in 356. Therefore, be confident in him, trusting that you will be healed.