Prayer for faith and hope in difficult times

Prayer for faith and hope in difficult times


Lord heavenly Father, I present myself to you as your child and I ask you for courage and lucidity to face all my difficulties and all these problems. I know that this period of the challenge is only temporal. Do not allow my spirits to decline.

You, Lord, are the only one who can help me, my strength in the midst of affliction and my firm rock, You are my protective shield in the midst of all difficulties. As I trust in You and present myself to you, I ask that I never be confused and that I will be rewarded because my faith and my hope are in only You.

In my heart is the confidence that you will hear my cry because who is greater than You? If You are for me, then no one can be against me. I know that in Your name I will have victory and with Your help, I will be able to overcome all my obstacles.

You never abandon the one who has put his faith and hope in You. Thank you, Lord, because I already visualize the miracle. Amen.