Prayer for Our Daughters

Prayer for Our Daughters


Eternal God and Father, today we pray for ALL THE GIRLS you have placed in our families, at all times and in all things may they develop Your eyes, Your interests, Your character traits.

May it be Your DNA that takes over their innermost being. May they grow to look and sound and act more and more like YOU their Heavenly Father.

And during these years while you have placed them under our care, please help us, God, to steward their priceless life and hearts infinitely better than we are able to on our own.

Many times we will fail them – please don’t let them project our failures upon You.
We will not always be patient – please help them to see Your infinite grace.

We won’t be able to fix every hurt in their life– please help them to feel Your healing hands surrounding them.

We can’t protect them always – please shield them in Your power.

We can’t make their decisions for them – please guide them with Your wisdom.

In Jesus’ powerful and beautiful and life-giving and world-changing Name, Amen.