Pursuit of Holiness – Benson Muyiekho

Holiness is the state of total submission to the will of God. This in turn means that you are in a state free from sin and are struggling to live your whole life as God wishes. Once someone is baptized, they become totally cleansed and ready vessels for God’s use.The only way to be holy the Christian way is by living the Gospel. It is unfortunate that most Christians have put their trust in worldly matters, totally abandoning God today. I have decided to talk to you about “holiness.”Jesus Christ, God the Son, gave us a perfect guideline to follow on our way to heaven. The whole collection of the Gospel books is a preparation for heaven.

Today however, I will focus on the gospel of Matthew chapter 5.In Mathew chapter 5, God is teaching us the route to Holiness. From verse 3, Christ tells us that those yearning for God will be quenched in heaven, those who are suffering will be comforted. The humble will receive God’s promise, those who do the will of God will be satisfied, the merciful will be will enjoy God’s mercy. The pure in heart will see God. The peacemakers will be God’s children. The persecuted will go to heaven. One question for me and you is; if I meditate on this, where do I need a boost? Which part of these am I perfect and can serve as an example to the rest? Where do I need additional assistance to be better?It is pure vanity to describe the beatitude as a work for saints. Who will become a saint? Who will become a saint if I and you don’t work hard today? Who was born knowing that they will be saints?Through baptism we all joined this communion at saints and we are entitled to live the message of Jesus for us to follow his footsteps. One thing to know for sure, is that it is not easy. It is a difficult yoke especially if you don’t walk the path with the Spirit.

God is always here ready to guide us on our way to heaven and rejoices at each sinner who repents. Why can’t we cause an applause in heaven today by trying to imitate the footsteps of God incarnate? In Mathew chapter 5 verse 21-26, God is asking us to be good to each other, avoid overreactions and avoid torturing others due to anger. Brothers and sisters, anger is a bad vice. A person who cannot control his anger, cannot claim to be a Christian. Christianity and anger are antagonists. Anger has led many of our brothers and sisters to prison; many of them have lost hope in life due to something so little. Anger.In Mathew 5:27-30, God asks us to avoid lust. The church categorizes lust as a vice. Lust can be described as considering others as mere objects of sexual desire. The Lord asks us to refrain from situations that can lead us to lust and eventually to hell. Paul explains that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, therefore a place to be kept clean off sin. Christians are obliged to marry if they don’t wish to join Holy Orders, but they aren’t allowed to divorce so as to keep the sanctity of marriage as a sacrament. Swearing is an evil practice that has been going on for ages but as a Christian JESUS TOTALLY refutes swearing as a form of idolatry. Avoid words like ‘I swear,’ ‘In God’s Name’ and many others. This practice is common in the whole world even among politicians, forces in courts and elsewhere. Brothers and sisters may l quote a famous saying, ‘just because everyone is doing it, it does not make it less sinful, and doing it because everyone is doing it, doesn’t render you less sinful. A Sin is a sin, whether you did it in a group or alone. Do not swear neither by heaven nor the earth, neither by Jerusalem nor by Kampala, neither by God nor the Kabaka, neither by the pope nor the slave. Just say YES or NO. Anything else comes from the Evil One.’ I don’t want to talk about Uganda going to war Venezuela because whether l say it here or elsewhere, probably nobody will hear me, let us talk about me and my neighbour, God talking to us about revenge showed that revenge is not a holy trait but rather an evil one. Everyone one gets angry. It’s what you do with your anger that matters. However much you get holy, there are people who will just hurt you and want to cause a quarrel with you. In human nature such people need to be punished because according to the law of the world they have sinned but Jesus comes up with a new rule. One that is most abused and misinterpreted.Believe me or not Jesus was not joking when he told us to turn another cheek in Mathew 5:38-42. Neither was he talking vain for he acted as the first victor through this method when he died on the cross for no reason at all.

Brothers and sisters, it’s high time we try to follow Jesus step by step first by forgiving those who we have been nursing in our hearts for ages and by freeing the prisoners we have been imprisoning by our acts of revenge. Some of us ask why God doesn’t hear our prayers it maybe because he is waiting for us to free our prisoners or enemies in our hearts before he can do a miracle in our lives. Maybe we are asking for blessings with ulterior motives which include revenging or showing off to our enemies. Avoid posting things like ‘they said, I will die poor. Look at now what God has done.’ The battle is not yours, it is about God and the evil ones. Go on giving him glory. Dear Christian there is no better time, start now by freeing them in your heart and rendering your heart open for the spirit of God. In this very law, The Lord talks about giving out of love. Give even to those you hate.Enemies can be defined as someone who is hostile to you, feels hatred towards you, opposes your interest or intends injury to you. It may be a person a force or nation. The word enemy can also be used to describe a stranger. Someone you do not know or know little about. Jesus in Mathew 5:43-48 tells us that we need to love both of these. Love of enemies is a skill that needs to be learned. It is not easy, is one way of relieving your prisoners. One of the simplest way God gave us is to simply pray for them. Love at enemies grants us access as children of God. Beloved, if we stick to the above teachings of God, we won’t have a word with our neighbours and neither will we have an issue with God. Lastly let us love one another, for without love nothing is holy. Love your family, love your neighbours, love your friends and even enemies for love is the fulfilment of the law. Please follow me on my social media platforms by searching, “The Zion Congregation” of Jesus.

Benson Muyiekho belongs to Amukura Parish in Bungoma Catholic Diocese, Kenya. Email: bensimiyu10@gmail.com