Saint of the day 5th December 2022, we celebrate Saint Gerald of Braga


Saint Gerald of Braga, Monk, bishop, (d. 1108)Feast day December 5thGerald of Braga, born in Cahors, modern-day France, in the mid 11th Century.

Gerald became a Benedictine of the Cluniac observance at the Abbey of moissac. In 1086, another Cluniac, Bernard of Salvetat, abbot of Sahagún, was promoted to the archbishopric of Toledo, which had been recovered from the Moors by King Alfonso VI of León-Castile in the previous year. Then, in 1088, Bernard was named primate of Spain by Pope urban ii.

In the process of developing a capable and learned hierarchy, Bernard invited Gerald to join him, consecrating him bishop of Braga, 1096. This see, the metropolitan of Galicia before the Moslem conquest, had been reestablished by King García in 1070, and on Dec. 28, 1099, it was restored to metropolitan status by Pope paschal ii. On Dec. 5, 1100, at the national council of Palencia, Gerald’s cult was formally recognized by his suffragans. He later worked with the archbishop of Toledo, in Castile, and served as cathedral choir director. He baptised King Afonso I of Portugal. Gerald later became Bishop of Braga, Portugal in 1100 and stopped ecclesiastical investiture by laymen in his diocese. After nine years of faithful service, Gerald entered eternal life on December 5, 1109, at Bornos, Portugal. (Source: “The Catholic Encyclopedia”)

PRAYER: God, Light and Shepherd of souls, You established St. Gerald as Bishop in Your Church to feed Your flock by his word and form it by his example. Help us through his intercession to keep the Faith he taught by his word and follow the way he showed by his example. AmenSaint Gerald of Braga, pray for us!