The Good News Choir Wows it’s Congregation

The Good News Choir Wows it’s Congregation


By Ronald Peter Mugerwa,

The Good News Choir which sings at Sacred Heart Lubaga Cathedral Parish has wowed a large congregation of seemingly thirsty revellers in a long awaited Marian songs concert with an unprecedented performance at the Cathedral Gardens.

The concert which commenced at 3:00 pm, drew a large crowd spiced up with many dignitaries among whom were reknown business men, journalists, the clergy, professional choristers, instrumentalists, directors,among others,from around and far. 

The Host, Good News Choir appeared beautifully clad in  blue attire and when they opened their angelic voices, you could notice the unimaginable beauty the crowd had missed all along,they later appeared changed in a traditional attire, gomesis and kanzus for the folk songs.

Quenched by the soothing voices, you could tell that even the clergy could not help it, when the outspoken Reverand Father Achilles Mayanja, the Cathedral Administrator,took it to the floor and danced to the music.

The Good News Voices did not leave the reknown artist, our very own, the Reverand Father Anthony Musaala, who joined in and spiced the heated show with his soul soothing ballads.

Thanks to their insight, the Guest Speaker, did much at fulfilling the purpose for this concert. Mr. Muwonge a reknown economist and also a senior lecturer at Ndejje University, did much when he tactically toned the heated audience into a fundraising mood and by the end he had raised large amount in pledges and cash. Mr.Muwonge donated 2000,000 shs cash and pledged 1000,000shs.

The Choir also used this opportunity to hail the important people that have been a blessing to it, financially, economically and emotionally, when they offered certificates in appreciation of their great work.
The reknown radio presenter and also MP contestant 2021,Patricko Mujuuka received a certificate, Mr. Muwonge, Reveland Father Achilles, and others, received certificates in appreciation.

Reverand Father Serunkuuma was an eye catching figure to watch. His occasional tactics of conducting, also surprised the audience.

Important to note was that the guest speaker and fundraiser,Mr Muwonge dwelled so much on the principal of giving and thus he used this to soften many people’s hearts and thus drawing them into giving.

The concert ended with a prayer song by Father Musaala and blessings by the Reverand present.