Tributes to Rev. Fr. Alberto Reitzner

Tributes to Rev. Fr. Alberto Reitzner

Reverend Father Alberto, known as Ocen Yesu, was a dedicated Comboni missionary priest who left his home in Europe to serve in northern Uganda amidst the devastation of the LRA conflict. His life was characterized by unwavering faith and compassion as he preached the Gospel and cared for widows, orphans, and the marginalized. Father Alberto’s strict discipline and principled nature were balanced by a deep love that transcended religious boundaries, inspiring many to embrace religious vocations and dedicate themselves to humanitarian service.

In the Catholic Diocese of Lira, Father Alberto made a profound impact by supporting young priests, sisters, and orphans, and by constructing homes for widows and children in Aboke. His commitment to service above self earned him the name “Ocen Aloi” in the community of Aloi, reflecting his influence on many priests and sisters from that parish.

Father Alberto’s legacy will be remembered with reverence in the communities of Aloi and Aboke Catholic Parishes, where he poured out his heart and soul. His contributions to institutions like St. Joseph Seminary, St. Mary’s College, and Atin Yesu Primary School were marked by his dedication to education and spiritual growth. Personally witnessing his profound faith and love during my teaching practice at St. Joseph Seminary Aboke in 2015, I can attest to the enduring impact of his life of service and faith.

Rest peacefully, Reverend Father Alberto. Your inspirational legacy will continue to guide and inspire us all.

Monica Apio, a devoted Catholic