1. Mass Media Services – Streaming Live Catholic Mass, activities and events for the Subscribers, Social Media, Website 
  2. News – Church News from the Parishes and Dioceses in Uganda/ Worldwide, Newsletter, Magazines 
  3. Spirituality – Uplifting Spirituality through Prayers, Novena’s, Motivations, Readings, Devotions 
  4. Events & Ad Services – Videography, Photography, Documentary, Adverts and Marketing 
  5. Socio-cultural – To Include activities like Marathons, Youth Camps, Life Conferences & Seminars, Field Trips, Catholic Movie Nights (Life of Saints), Cultural Galas 
  6. Charities – Activities to Support the Needy; i.e Support to OVCs, Hospital Ministries, School fees Fund, Community WASH and Health Activities. Through Online fundraiser, Networking dinner, Donation, Crowdfunding, Auction, Custom T-shirts etc and Proceeds will be used for the purpose of funding charities. 
  7. Volunteer initiative – UCO will Offer Opportunities for Catholic School Graduates to Practice their Profession 


  1. Stewardship 
  2. Family Unity 
  3. Respect 
  4. Loyalty to our Parish, People, Priests, Bishops and Pope 
  5. Vocations 
  6. Reverence for Eucharist 
  7. Humility 
  8. Love