Beatification of Fr. Dr. Joseph Ambrozoli to take place at Kalongo in Uganda’s Gulu Archdiocese

Beatification of Fr. Dr. Joseph Ambrozoli to take place at Kalongo in Uganda’s Gulu Archdiocese

Beatification of Fr. Dr. Joseph Ambrozoli to Take place at Kalongo in Uganda’s Gulu ArchDiocese.

Fr Isaac Ojok

The preparations are in high gear a head of time for the beatification of Fr. Dr. Joseph Ambrozoli, an event that will take place in the Uganda’s Gulu Archdiocese on the 20th November 2022.

In an interview with AMECEA News correspondent, Most Rev John Baptist Odama of Gulu Arch diocese, the Central Organizing Committee (COC), with sixteen sub committees have been formed and they are all working to see how to accommodate people who will come to grace the occasion.

He went on to say that formerly all beatifications, canonizations were done in Rome, but for the case of Fr. Dr.Joseph Ambrozoli, his beatification has been decided by the Pope to take place at Kalongo where he worked so that his life inspires people he worked among them.

Archbishop John Baptist Odama said, the beatification of Rev Fr Doctor Joseph Ambrozoli is a great gift to the local and the entire church at large and that it will be the avenue to glorify and thank God for His Goodness, Honor and seek His intercession and grace to triumph upon the people.

Most Rev John Baptist Odama noted that Fr Dr Joseph Ambrozoli inspired many people with his life of prayer, humility, dedication to serving people, kindness to the needs of the vulnerable people.

He further described Fr. Dr. Joseph Ambrozoli as a priest who had a unique special gift of medical doctor who then discharged his duties diligently and as a result, many people got healed by his touch of being a doctor.

He reiterated that it is paramount and timely for the people to emulate the virtues Fr Dr Joseph Ambrozoli had like the virtues of love, humility, kindness, honesty, and the spirit of dedication to the ministry and of service to the suffering people.

Fr Dr Joseph Ambrozoli was a priest in the ministry and Surgeon by profession and has been described by many who sought for help from him as a person who had attentive love, care and concern for the sick.

According to the Archbishop, if all doctors were like Fr Dr Joseph Ambrozoli who had attentive love and care for the sick, many people could be healed, a unique gift from God to the church, he stressed.
He asked the Christians and the people of good will to support the ongoing preparations of the beatification so as to accomplish it successfully.

Born in 1923 on 25th of July in Italy. Fr Dr Joseph Ambrozoli was ordained a priest of the Comboni Missionary(MCCJ) in 1951. In 1955, he came to Uganda and was sent to Gulu Arch diocese at Kalongo dispensary, the health facility he transformed and spent almost 36 years serving the people there.
After his well-lived dedicated life of service in the ministry, Fr Dr Joseph Ambrozoli died on 27th March 1987 in Ngetta, in the current Lira diocese.

The term Beatification is raising a person who has been “Servant of God” to the level of Blessed, one step before being raised to Sainthood.

The event that is set to take place at Kalongo, is expected to attract many people in their different categories who will congregate to grace and witness the beatification of Fr Dr Joseph Ambrozoli who was known and made famous because of his dedicated life and service to the people of God not only from Uganda but also from the neighboring countries in East Africa and beyond.

The beatification of Fr Dr. Joseph Ambrozoli comes after 20 years when Blessed Daudi Okello and Jildo Irwa the two Martyrs of Paimol, a place in the same region were in 2002 beatified in Rome by the then Pope John Paul II, now a Saint.