Bethany Land institute launched in Kasana – Luweero Diocese

Bethany Land institute launched in Kasana – Luweero Diocese

New Project, Bethany Land institute launched in Kasana – Luweero diocese

Luweero: The Archbishop of Kampala archdiocese His Grace Paul Ssemogerere on Friday, 29th July 2022 launched the beginning of the activities, to construct a new institute, Bethany Land institute In Nandere, Luweero Under the diocese of Kasana Luweero.

The launching function was opened with Holy Mass that was led by the Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere at 10am, assisted by Monsignor Xavier Mpanga the Diocesan administrator of Kasana Luweero diocese among other priests who were present at this function.

In the homily, His Grace Paul Ssemogerere challenged Christians about the Concern of faithfully obeying commandments of God, where one way in this, is conserving nature and the environment.
He asked Christians to actively participate in activities of environmental conservation like planting trees among others such that the beauty of the Environment is itself glorifying the Lord.

Following the Pope’s intention of Laudato si, Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere emphasised valuing every creature of the Lord and as Special creatures, humans must care for these creatures, beautify, and help them live for the glory of God. For the reason of Launching the start of a land institute in Luweero it’s aimed at conserving nature therefore supporting the papal call for Laudato si.

“Bethany Land Institute is good news to our nation Uganda, our Archdiocese Kampala, to Kasana Luweero diocese and to all communities because it is aimed at the promotion and Maintaining Pope Francis’ Call for Laudato si” His Grace Ssemogerere said.

At this Launch, Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba, who represented the Chief Guset Prime Minister of the Republic Of Uganda Hon. Robinnah Nabbanja congratulated and in the special way thanked the catholic church for launching a big transformational project, Bethany Land Institute and for helping the government of Uganda in the struggle to improve living standards and the Education of the young country nationals, being for the better environmental sustainability among other roles the catholic church has played for the better services to Ugandans in social Economic and Education sectors on top of promoting religious values. He again thanked the church for partnering with the government to fight ecological degradation which leads to negative climatic changes that bring about natural disasters like drought, a disaster that puts down agriculture in most parts of the country. She later on extended Prime minister’s message of Apology for her absence , for her being caught by other administrative duties and she supported the launching with 10million Ugandan Shillings top up to the amount that was raised in fundraising by selling portraits, making total collection of 13million Ugandan Shillings that will start up the construction part of the project.

Finally, before the closure of the function, Monsignor Xavier Mpanga, the Diocesan administrator of Kasana Luweero diocese welcomed and thanked all the Christians and visitors for honoring the invitations for the cause of Launching the construction of Bethany Land institute, and for their generous contributions in support of the launched Institute.
Msgr. Xavier, on behalf of the Archbishop extended the message of apology from the Papal Nuncio to Uganda, Bishop Luigi Bianco for his absence due to various commitments of the church and prayers he sends to the faithful in Kasana Luweero diocese, and congratulating them for their committed effort as far as church is concerned.


BLI was founded by three Priest friends. Frs. Emmanuel Katongole. Comelius Ssempala and Anthony Zachary Rweza as a response to the challenges of poverty, food insecurity. environmental degradation and youth unemployment. In 2019, the diocese of Kasana Luweero became a co-founding partner through a memorandum of understanding, which among other things, included the lease of land at Nandere Parish, where the BLI campus is situated.