Bishop Serverus Jjumba Celebrates his Second Anniversary

Bishop Jjumba Celebrating Mass

It was joy and flares yesterday as Rt Rev Serverus Jjumba led out a portion of believers at Masaka Diocesan Cathedral Kitovu to celebrate two years of his consecration as the Ordinary of Masaka Diocese

Bishop Serverus Jjumba with the co Celebrants

On 16th April 2019 the late Rt Rev J.B Kaggwa retired as the Bishop of Masaka Diocese and thereafter the pope appointed Bishop Serverus Jjumba as the new Bishop who was later consecrated as Bishop on 7th July 2019 at Kitovu Arena a function that attracted multitudes of people across all religions.

In his message, Bishop Jjumba reminded the few Christians who attended Mass and the country at large that the COVID 19 disease has taken the world as wildfires, and therefore the adherence to S.O.Ps was still important in awake to win this deadly virus. Only 20 people were allowed to attend this celebration as a signal to obey and remind the Christians of the S.O.Ps