Bishop Wanok Appeals to Christians to Unite in Fighting Corruption in Society

Bishop Wanok Appeals to Christians to Unite in Fighting Corruption in Society

Bishop Wanok Appeals to Christians to Unite in Fighting Corruption in Society

Fr. Isaac Ojok
The Bishop of Lira diocese Rt. Rev Sanctus Lino Wanok has appealed to Christians to fight corruption in the society beginning from their families.

On the occasion of the ordination of deacons under the Congregation of the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus-(MCCJ) held on the 9th February 2023 in Ngetta, Lira diocese, the Bishop decried high level of corruption that has become endemic and has deeply entered the families.
He noted with concern that children of today’s society are quickly learning and indulging themselves in the very act of corruption like bribery giving example that, before a child can be sent to buy an item, he or she is tempted to ask for something in return which is a bad trend children in the world are taking.

According to Bishop, for society to be free from corruption, the immediate action starts right from the families where parents have the obligations and roles to play responsibly in nurturing and instilling moral values in their children.
A part from corruption, the Bishop went on exhorting the congregation to fight forces of evil citing theft, witchcraft and other forms of wickedness in the society using the power of prayers and faithfulness to the word of God.
At the moment he stated that it is timely for the public to be vigilant and refrain from the current wave of fighting, arising as a result of conflicts, many cases of killing among the community, urging that the public should instead be working to eliminate the practices of theft, witchcraft in their vicinities.

In his address, the bishop particularly mentioned that the parents should begin to mentor their children in the church to have listening hearts, according to set norms acceptable in the society.

The Bishop further asked Christians to always observe and utilize the presence of the ordained ministers in the church as opportunity for them to enhance their spiritual growth and renewal in a bid to denounce and be free from corruption in their midst.

He reminded the congregation that the newly ordained deacons have become prophets to the rest of humanity and to serve amongst the people afflicted by corruption, theft, and the killing that now days are happening in the society so that all may be liberated from the slavery of sins.

Following massive cases of corruption in families, and society at large and other short comings, the prelate acknowledged that it has reached a moment for people to ask forgiveness from God so as to become true, reliable and dependable followers of Jesus Christ.

The Bishop during his homily while presiding over the ordination went on to offer catechesis on the roles and duties of a deacon in the church, stating that among the many roles, a deacon is first and foremost ordained to prepare the liturgy, proclaim the gospel, preside over public prayers, assist at marriages, baptize and perform the works of charity among the widows, children and other categories especially the needy.
He advised the newly ordained deacons to be candidates of good reputation, free from all suspicions in a move to inspire and lead others to build just and peaceful society.

In his closing remarks, the Bishop expressed that he was grateful to preside over the event and commended the Comboni Missionaries who are serving in Lira diocese as Priests and Nuns for their dedication in furthering the mission set by their founder St Daniel Comboni.

He pledged total collaboration noting that the diocese will continue rendering support to the Comboni Missionaries in a move to give room for work to be done among the people of God in Lira diocese.
He said he would wish that all the Christian community should participate in the mission of God beginning from their families by initiating their children through prayers, listening and following the word of God and owning to be part of their lives.

Additionally, Bishop Wanok challenged Christians to embrace the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony in the preparations to become worthy collaborators in the mission that Jesus has entrusted to His followers.
He went on urging the congregation that it is the responsibility of Christians to promote and support vocations to priesthood and religious life so that all can receive the message intended for the redemption of all mankind.

The candidates ordained to the order of deaconate under the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus are; Deacon Robert Nsinga from Hoima diocese, Deacon John Bosco Muherwa from Kabale diocese and Deacon Denish Idro from Gulu Arch diocese respectively.