Bishop Wanok urges Christians to embrace forming Small Christian Community

Bishop Wanok urges Christians to embrace forming Small Christian Community

Bishop Wanok urges Christians to embrace forming Small Christian Community

Fr Isaac Ojok
The Bishop of Lira diocese Rt. Rev Sanctus Lino Wanok has implored Christians to quickly consider forming Small Christian Communities to create way for effective evangelization in the city.

He made an appeal a head of his canonical visits to parishes starting with Lira Cathedral saying that it is only through Small Christian Communities (SCCs) that evangelization can be effective in the area like Lira city.

He mentioned that when Small Christian Communities are formed, Christian families will be able to pray, share the word of God and discuss other related issues that affect them when they are away from church.
Prayers, and other activities in the Small Christian Communities according to Bishop Wanok should be held in common language understood by everyone like those from other tribes but found themselves working in different Government Agencies and Civil Society Organizations (CSOS) operating in Lango to ensure harmony and peaceful co-existence in the community.

In the small Christian community, the bishop said families should use them as the center they can dispense moral teaching on children and instill leadership skills in a move to build better leaders in the church and in society.

According to Bishop Wanok, the Christians should use small Christian communities set to help those who are faced with challenges in their families so as to live dignified life.
He cited examples of elderly, widows, widowers and other vulnerable categories of persons in the society struggling to live but weak and cannot meet their basic needs, saying Christians should focus their mission towards supporting them in a bid to live comfortably.

He went on to note that, it is timely for people irrespective of professions and status to stand in solidarity with one another so as to grow in faith and achieve common vision.

Apart from helping those in wants, the Bishop further urged the Christians to set small Christian community as the platform where they can promote vocations to the Sacraments of Matrimony and of Holy Orders among others.
He reiterated that all the Lay Movements should be set beginning from the Small Christian Community in a bid to have a better, vibrant and organized church.

The Bishop disclosed that the priests, religious and other pastoral agents are ready to give guidance to the Christians to pave way for their work to have significant impact.
In his address to the Christians, the Bishop went on to implore the audience to maintain cleanness in their homes to preserve environment and to mitigate other communicable diseases common in the communities.

He also advised Christians to embrace the culture of savings in a move to create wealth in their families and to support the church’s projects and other upcoming future developments.

He stressed the need for Christians to use what they have within their reach like livestock, agricultural products, and finances to support the mission of the church for the salvation of souls.

The prelate concluded his address and invoked God’s blessings upon people that they remain healthy in order to work for growth and development of their homes.