Brief History About The Succussion Of Bishops Of Kampala Archdiocese

Brief History About The Succussion Of Bishops Of Kampala Archdiocese

Kampala Archdiocese came into existence /was established by Pope Paul VI after the two Sees of Lubaga and Kampala respectively fail vacant. So there was an amalgamation of the two Dioceses and to revise the boundaries of the two jurisdictions and on 5th Aug 1966 Pope Paul VI created the new Archdiocese of Kampala. On the same date He (Pope) appointed a new and first Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese. The new Archdiocese of Kampala comprised the former Lubaga Archdiocese plus the part of Kampala Diocese situated in Buganda. The current Lugazi Diocese.

It should be noted that the See of Lubaga Archdiocese became vacant on the 22nd Feb 1966 about 8:00pm (EAT), when Archbishop Joseph Kiwanuka, the first African Bishop South of Sahara breathed his last at Lubaga Hospital at the age of 67 years. He served as a Bishop for 26 years.

On 30th Oct 1966 was the day set for the Episcopal Consecration of the New Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese that took place at Nakivubo Stadium.

The Principle Consecrator was His Eminence Lauran Cardinal Lugambwa (RIP) Bishop of Bukoba Diocese in Tanzania.

On 24th May 1976 His Grace Emmanuel Kiwanuka Nsubuga was elevated to Cardinal. He served the Archdiocese of Kampala from 30th Aug 1966 -8th Feb 1990 when he retired from active service and later died on 20th April 1991.

Creation of Kiyinda Mityana Diocese.

In order to ease the work of Administration and reaching the people of God more easily, Cardinal Nsubuga together with His fellow Bishops asked the Holy Father to sever apart off the Archdiocese and make it an autonomous Diocese. The Holy Father coincided to the request of the Bishops and created a new diocese and named it KIYINDA MITYANA DIOSCESE. On the 17th July 1981, He also appointed Msgr. Emmanuel Wamala then Vicar General of Masaka Diocese, to become the first Bishop and on 22nd Nov 1981, Cardinal Nsubuga Consecrated Him and installed Him as first Bishop of Kiyinda Mityana Diocese. (Little did Nsubuga know that Wamala would succeed Him as Archbishop of Kampala 9 years later).

Appointment of an Auxiliary Bishop.

After the Creation of Kiyinda Mityana Diocese, Cardinal Nsubuga asked the Holy Father to give him an Auxiliary Bishop to assist Him in the administration of the Archdiocese. His Holiness POPE John Paul II, appointed Rev. Fr. Joseph Mukwaya the then secretary General of A.M.C.E.A in Nairobi and on 10th Sep 1982 he was Consecrated Auxiliary Bishop of Kampala Archdiocese on 31st OCT 1982 at Lubaga Cathedral by his Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal K. Nsubuga. Bishop Mukwaya (RIP) later became the second Bishop of Kiyinda Mityana diocese on 21st JUNE 1988 after the appointment of Bishop Emmanuel Wamala as Coadjutor Archbishop of Kampala archdiocese.

Second Auxiliary Bishop

Another relief that was given to cardinal Nsubuga was the Appointment of a Second Auxiliary Bishop by the names of Rev Fr. Mathias Ssekamanya, then the Rector of St. Mary’s National Seminary Ggaba on 9th March 1985 and was Consecrated Bishop on 2nd June 1985 at Namugongo by His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Nsubuga. He was later appointed first Bishop of Lugazi Diocese on 30th Nov 1996.

Kampala gets a Coadjutor

Upon the request of Cardinal Nsubuga and after a cross examination of His health by His Doctor Ritah Moser, He asked the Holy Father to appoint a Coadjutor Archbishop. Then on 21st June 1988 Bishop Emmanuel Wamala of Kiyinda Mityana Diocese then was appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Kampala by POPE JOHN PAUL II.

On 8th Feb 1990 Bishop Emmanuel Wamala succeeded His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Nsubuga as the Second Archbishop of Kampala after the POPE accepted His resignation. His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Nsubuga served the Archdiocese for the period of 24 years.

On 26th Nov 1994 His Grace Emmanuel Wamala was elevated to Cardinal.

It should be noted that again in the late 1996 on 30th Nov the Archdiocese of Kampala was sub divided creating two new dioceses that is Lugazi and Kasana Luwero Dioceses respectively.

On the same date POPE JOHN PAUL II appointed Bishop Mathias Ssekamanya then auxiliary Bishop of Kampala to become the first Bishop of the newly created Lugazi Diocese and was installed on 23rd Feb 1997 by His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala. On the same date the POPE appointed Msgr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga as the first Bishop of Kasana Luwero Diocese and was Consecrated Bishop on 1st March 1997 by His Eminence Emmanuel cardinal Wamala. (Little did Cardinal Wamala know that Bp. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga(RIP) would succeed him 10 years after).

Kampala Archdiocese gets a third Auxiliary Bishop

On 2nd June 1999, Msgr. Christopher Kakooza was appointed an auxiliary Bishop of Kampala Archdiocese becoming the third auxiliary Bishop in the history of Kamala Archdiocese and was consecrated Bishop on 17th April 1999 by His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala. And one of His Co-consecrators was Bishop Mathis Ssekamanya of Lugazi Diocese whom he succeeded on 3rd Jan 2005 after 16 years as Auxiliary Aishop of Kampala.

“After reaching the age of retirement, POPE BENEDICT accepted the resignation of His Eminence Emmanuel cardinal Wamala and on 19th Aug 2006 retired from active service and on the same date the Holy Father appointed Bishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga (RIP) then Bishop of Kasana Luwero Diocese third archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese. He was installed on 30th Sep 2006 at Lubaga cathedral by his Eminence Emmanuel cardinal Wamala (He served the Archdiocese for 16 years).

Now the see of Kasana Luwero became vacant after the transfer of Bishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga (Rip) to Kampala. After nearly two years, Msgr. Paul Ssemwogerere then Vicar General of Kampala was appointed second Bishop of Kasana Luwero diocese on 4th June 2008 and He was Consecrated Bishop on 23rd Aug 2008 by His Grace Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga (RIP) then archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese. (Little did Archbishop Lwanga know that Bishop Paul would succeed him as Archbishop of Kampala).

Archbishop Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga until his death on the 3rd April 2021 had served the Archdiocese for 15 years. After his death, the see of Lubaga became vacant.

On 8thApril 2021 during the Requiem Mass, for the late Archbishop Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, the apostolic Nuncio to Uganda His Grace Archbishop Luigi Bianco announced that POPE Francis had appointed Bishop Paul Ssemogerere of Kasana Luwero diocese as an apostolic administrator of Kampala Archdiocese since the see of Kampala had fallen vacant after the death of his Grace Dr. C.K. Lwanga on 3rd April 2021. The post he has served for 8months.

On the 9th Dec 2021 the Holy father POPE FRANCIS appointed His Lordship Bishop Paul Ssemogerere as the 4th Archbishop of Kampala. Until then Bishop Paul Ssemogerere has served as Bishop of Kasana Luwero for 13 years. And now the See of Kasana- Luwero Diocese is Vacant.

Complied by, Bro. Innocent Kaleebi.

Brothers of St. Amans.