Catholic Centenary Memorial Choir (CACEMCHO) Celebrates 45 Years of Musical Excellence

Catholic Centenary Memorial Choir (CACEMCHO) Celebrates 45 Years of Musical Excellence

The Catholic Centenary Memorial Choir (CACEMCHO) is set to mark a remarkable milestone on September 24th 2023, as they celebrate their 45th anniversary. To commemorate this significant occasion, the choir has meticulously organized a magnificent grand concert in Kampala.

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Vincent Katende, the esteemed lead director for the concert, he revealed that a diverse array of musical genres will be showcased during the concert. Attendees can expect to be enthralled by performances ranging from contemporary music, acapella renditions, to enchanting Western melodies.

Mr. Vincent further expressed his delight in the progress of rehearsals, assuring the audience that they can anticipate an exceptional experience on Sunday, September 24th, 2022.

Daisy, a renowned member of CACEMCHO who joined the choir in 2017, was inspired by the captivating voices and warm hospitality of her fellow choir members. She shared with our reporter that, despite a few challenges encountered during rehearsals, such as time management, the love and passion for singing prevail, enabling them to overcome these obstacles. Daisy extended a heartfelt invitation to everyone, urging them to join in celebrating 45 years of the choir’s existence.

Additionally, Daisy revealed that the concert promises more than just captivating performances. Attendees can anticipate an atmosphere filled with joy, learning, and inspirational messages.

Lastly, she encouraged those interested in learning how to sing to consider joining CACEMCHO as a means to serve God through music.

The concert is scheduled to take place at Theater Labonita, starting at 2 pm. Entrance fees have been set at 20,000 UGX for regular attendees and 40,000 UGX for VIP guests.

CACEMCHO has stood as a beacon of unity since its establishment, harnessing the power of music to inspire and uplift countless souls. Through their transcendent performances, the choir has successfully transcended both time and boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of their audience.

For further information and ticket purchases, please visit the official CACEMCHO website or contact their dedicated team. Let us join together in celebrating this momentous milestone and revel in the harmonious melodies of CACEMCHO as they continue to touch lives through the power of music.

A Brief Background on the Choir:

The Catholic Centenary Memorial Choir (CACEMCHO) was founded in 1978 by the late His Eminence Emmanuel Cardinal Nsubuga. It was formed to lead the faithful in celebrating 100 years of the Catholic faith in Uganda. Comprised of members from various parishes and dioceses across Uganda, CACEMCHO has become an integral part of the community.

CACEMCHO actively animates the Saturday 6:00 pm Holy Mass and the Sunday 7:00 am Holy Mass at Christ the King Parish in Kampala.

Vision: To Become A Perfect Choir Evangelizing Through Singing And Praising.

Mission: To Provide Quality Singing That Enhances Believers’ Ability to Praise God as We Journey Towards Our Heavenly Home.

The choir’s motto: We Sing to God, Our Lord.

Join us as we celebrate 45 years of CACEMCHO’s musical journey. Experience the powerful melodies and harmonies that have touched hearts and brought people together. This concert promises to be a truly uplifting and memorable experience. Let us unite in song and praise, as we honor the legacy of CACEMCHO and look forward to a bright future filled with beautiful music.