“Come and give thanks to the Lord through Saint Jude”, Fr. Bbuye calls on Christians

“Come and give thanks to the Lord through Saint Jude”, Fr. Bbuye calls on Christians

“Come and give thanks to the Lord through Saint Jude”, Fr. Joseph Mary Bbuye Calls on Christians.

This year, the annual novena that opens the faithful to the celebration of the feast day of St. Jude will begin on Wednesday, 19th Oct. 2022 up to 27th Oct. 2022, a day that will close the novena and set the faithful for the feast day celebration on 28th Oct.

In the Video released on 15th Oct, Rev. Fr. Joseph Mary Bbuye the National director of the St. Jude devotion and parish priest at Our Lady and St. Jude Parish Church, Naggulu said that in this event, it will be the first time for meeting to solemnize this novena and the feast day, after two years of silence due to Covid 19 Pandemic where the faithful were unable to congregate in large numbers.
Recognizing the effect of the pandemic from all the walks of life, the old and the young, youths, the rich and the poor, taking all countries around the globe, were greatly affected.

The saint Jude devotion and the parish as a whole decided to dedicate this years novena to Thanksgiving to the Lord for everyone who survived in the Covid 19 pandemic insecurity, more so to pray for the souls of all who died in this battle.

“we acknowledge that there were individuals and groups of people who were greatly affected by the pandemic, and afterwards. Therefore, we shall have selected people representing various groups and the people will pray for those groups or organisations on each day of the novena, respectively i.e: medical personel workers, parliamentarians/ leaders, Business people/ traders, people in construction and Engineering, the legal fraternity, the farmers, , the needy, the religious and people in all walks of life”. Fr. Joseph Mary said.

“Come and give thanks to the Lord, through saint Jude and pray for all your needs, and most earnestly , the ongoing project of the construction of the National shrine of Our Lady and St. Jude, at the parish in Naggulu.” He added.

Fr. Joseph lastly asked the people of good will to support the construction project by contributing or registering in their pledges, supporting in any way every individual affords, to help bring on the success of this project. He also invited all to come and join them in the fundraising dinner aimed at this particular cause , scheduled to take place on 23rd Oct. 2022 at the Parish grounds, in Naggulu.