Daily Reflection Monday 20th September 2021

Daily Reflection Monday 20th September 2021


Memorial of Saint Andrew Kim Taegon, priest, and Paul Chong Ha-sang and companions, Martyrs

Luke 8:16-18

20th September 2021

“No one lights a lamp to cover it with a bowl or to put it under a bed. No, it is put on a lamp-stand so that people may see the light … “

When you let your light shine, it becomes contagious and can lighten up what could have been a dark moment for someone else. Your light may be a bit too bright for others and it may hurt their eyes, yet it’s far better to shine rather than to hide your light.
Jesus wants us to be a beacon in the dark pointing others to him. Don’t be afraid to shine. The world needs your light.

Dear Jesus, no longer will my light remain hidden. I command darkness to give way for my light to shine. May your grace, cause me to shine in every area of my life for your glory. Amen.