Daily Reflection Sunday 25th July 2021

Daily Reflection Sunday 25th July 2021

Seventeenth Sunday in ordinary time



John 6: 1-15

“Gather the fragments that are left over. Let nothing be wasted!” We need to learn the lessons of Jesus’ food ethics. Firstly, we must always give thanks to God for all his provision. Secondly, we need to learn to share food with the people around us, especially those who don’t have enough food. And more so,whatever gifts the good Lord has given to you, Jesus is teaching us “not to let those gifts be wasted!” Use them to the glory of his Name! Do not waste your life too. You only have one life, and it is too precious to waste.

Let nothing be wasted!

Lord Jesus, keep me from selfishness; let me be charitable in thought, in word, in deed. Help me to faithfully use the gifts that you have graciously given to me for your glory. And, O Lord, let me never forget to share my bread with the hungry! Amen.

Rev Fr Alexander Mwebembezi