Daily Reflection Thursday 1st July 2021

Daily Reflection Thursday 1st July 2021

1 July 2021
Mat 9:1-8

Jesus knows every heart. He knew the faith of those who brought the paralyzed man. Jesus knew the negative thoughts of the scribes. He knew that the greatest need of the paralytic was forgiveness of sins. He cared for the spiritual and physical healing of the paralytic.

He knows who and what we really are and he loves us anyway. Jesus knows, every struggle, every hurt and every sting. Jesus knows your condition and has the power to forgive, heal and set us free. Cast your burdens on Jesus. Lift your eyes up to the one who sees, knows and really cares!

Lord Jesus, in all the areas of my life that I am struggling and working in disobedience – have mercy on me! Forgive and deliver me fully. Fill me with peace and the ability to trust in your loving care. Amen

Rev. Fr. Alexander Mwebembezi.