Daily Reflection Thursday 26th August  2021

Daily Reflection Thursday 26th August 2021


Matthew 24:42-51

Jesus’ command to “stay awake” is a warning against spiritual procrastination. The most dangerous word for your spiritual growth is “tomorrow.” Stop putting your spiritual life at the bottom of your list. Stop trying to just fit Jesus in only when he’s convenient for you. Stay connected to Jesus because you never know when your heart could stop beating.

Have you lost your sense of urgency and seek to please only yourself? This is exactly what the dishonest servant did in his actions. Keep doing good. Keep your focus on Jesus as the highest priority of your life. Stay awake!

DearJesus, you have called us to stay awake. We pray that our eyes and hearts will always be fixed on you; doing the good we ought – as we await your return. Amen.

Rev Fr Alexander Mwebembezi