Daily Reflection Tuesday 14th December 2021

Daily Reflection Tuesday 14th December 2021

Memorial of Saint John of the Cross, priest and doctor of the Church


Matthew 21:28-32

The second son answered, “I will, sir” but he did not go. “I will go”. We are simply told he did not go. His intentions were there, his words were there, but his actions were not there. Some of us know the truth, and vow to follow it, but don’t. Friends, do not stop at saying; I will change, I will repent, I will start … Good resolutions alone without actions are powerless. Work on those goodideas!! None of us knows when ourtimewill be up ……. when there will no longer be any second chances … Repent!! Begin walking the talk!!

Dear Jesus, help us to honour you not only with our words but also with deeds. We pray that we will obey you whether it is convenient or not – because you will bless those who obey you. Amen.