Daily Reflection Tuesday 27th July 2021

Daily Reflection Tuesday 27th July 2021

27th July 2021 Matthew 13:35-43


The man who sows good seed is Jesus. The enemy who sows bad seeds is the Devil. They are enemies. The devil’s purpose is to divert you from your destiny. This is why he sows bad seeds in the world and in our lives. Jesus’ mission is for our good: life in abundance.The devil is fighting you because of who you are about to become, where you are about to go, and what you are about to have.

The Devil’s future is eternal hell fire – don’t go there with him. Our destiny is to “shine like the sun” in the kingdom of our Father. Resist the devil by keeping your focus on Jesus.

Lord Jesus, like You taught us in the Disciple’s Prayer, I pray today that I may be delivered from evil. Let every satanic agenda “to steal, to kill, and to destroy”, in my life, fail in its purpose. Amen!