Daily Reflection Wednesday 17th November 2021

Daily Reflection Wednesday 17th November 2021

Memorial of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary


17th Nov 2021

Luke 19:11-28

In giving an account, one of the servants came and said “Sir, here is your pound. I put it away safely wrapped up in a cloth because I was afraid of you … ” Think about the things you are not starting on yet because of fear. Think about your gifts and abilities that you are hiding away because of fear!! Do not let fear of failure, fear of what people will think, fear of the unknown hold you back. We have but one life to live, why not express all your gifts and talents? Step out in-spite of fear. Live boldly for the glory of God.

Dear Jesus, in your all-powerful name, I refuse fear to rule in my heart. Help me to make good use of the gifts, talents, time, and resources you give me for your glory and your kingdom. Amen.