Fort Portal Diocesan Choir Commit to a beautiful 2022 Namugongo Martyrs Day

Choir leaders in Fort Portal Diocese have vowed to commit themselves to use the remaining two months to rehearse for the 3rd June Martyrs Day celebrations at Namugongo. To the leaders, Fort Portal diocese will prepare a beautiful liturgy for the 3rd of June so as to rekind the joy and renew the faith of the pilgrims’ after almost two years without celebrating the often looked-forward to national celebration.

Mr Robert Kusemererwa, the music director at Virika cathedral recently said that the selection of songs shall depict the diverse languages spoken within the respective ethnic groups in Fort Portal diocese. Kusemererwa noted that given the importance the Namugongo function carries, different traditional and western musical instruments will be used to accompany the singing.

Gulu Archdiocesan Choir during the Uganda Martyrs day celebrations

Mr. Herbert Muyonga, the music director of Kampala Archdiocese advised the diocesan choir to do simple things but in a special way. Muyonga noted that the music needed to be of high quality, and the songs need to encourage the participation of the liturgical assembly.

Muyonga, who has worked with different dioceses to animate the Martyrs day celebrations, says the choristers need to be carefully selected and also commit themselves to intense and extended training.

Hoima Diocesan Choir during the Uganda Martyrs day celebrations

Victoria Naiga a renown choir member with the Agape singers acknowledges the task ahead of them but further expresses their readiness to do their best to produce the best choir to suit the event. Francis Bunihizi a choir member at Virika Cathedral, says that the foundation laid by the late Msgr. Boneventure Kasaija who composed many popular songs in Runyoro-Rutooro will be a key motivating factor as the embark on the task of preparing to animate the national Martyrs’ Day Celebration.

Fort Portal diocese, has identified multiple music trainers who will train the choristers using the very songs the choir will sing during the Namugongo Martyrs Day celebration.

Source: Jubilee Radio