Four Priests and Seven Deacons Ordained in Kiyinda Mityana Diocese

Four Priests and Seven Deacons Ordained in Kiyinda Mityana Diocese

Four Priests and Seven Deacons Ordained in Kiyinda Mityana Diocese

On Saturday 23rd July, all the faithful from all over the Diocese gathered at St. Noa Mawagali Cathedral, Kiyinda to witness the ordination of four Deacons who were ordained to the priesthood and Seven Seminarians who were ordained to diaconate, and more Seven Seminarians who were installed to the Level of serving as Lectors and Acolytes, meanwhile as they walk their way to meet their call to the priesthood.

The Ordination ceremony began at 10am opening with the sacrifice of mass that was led by Rt. Rev. Joseph Anthony Zziwa the Ordinary Bishop of Kiyinda Mityana Diocese and the Chairperson of the Episcopal Conference of Uganda, assisted by Rev. Dn. Joseph Bakka.

In his homily and Speech, Bishop Zziwa encouraged the Newly ordained Priests to Love their Call and loving God more and this will enable them perform their priestly duties and serve the Lord who chose them.

“The purpose of this day is that the Lord has favoured you, and has chosen you to lead his people to righteousness, serve him without complaining, however much the environment is not good because of Poverty in the country, he who chose you knows how you will survive, so place all your trust in him”, Bishop Zziwa Said.

The prelate continued and asked deacons and the installed candidates to be loyal and listening to their superiors since they’re still taking up their studies preparing them to meet the final day of their ordinations, he asked them to pray and work tirelessly because the journey of the vocation isn’t made for lazy people, God chose them to be leaders and where by you can’t be a lazy leader. He asked parents to support their children especially when they are in seminary, since they only base on the support from Parents or sponsoring individuals and when they have the support, it encourages them to follow up their call faithfully and successfully.

The Bishop also extended his special appreciation to the ordinands for being disciplined because he has not received complaints from the rectors of the institutions where they were taking their studies from, and encouraged then to continue and serve with total humility,respect and imitate Christ, he who chose them. Further more he thanked a Spanish reprentative of the congregation of Opus Dei, who was present at the function for the tireless extraordinary support he has always offered to Kiyinda Mityana Seminarians especially those in Spain and outside the Country, for he has been supporting Fr. Timothy Katende, one of the Ordinands who has been in Spain for his studies.
With sincere gratitude and thanks, to the parents of the ordinands, he thanked all the Christians for having supported the preparations of the ordination ceremony, in prayers, ideas, and financial support and prayed for blessings for them and encouraged them to continue supporting the Diocese.

Bishop Zziwa also thanked the Administration of St. Charles Lwanga Senior Secondary School, Mubende, the music directors in particular for preparing the school choir, that animated the liturgy of the day, for it being the second wonderful animation of the liturgy the choir has done, on top of animating the Charism Mass earlier in April, in the cathedral.

In his final words, he introduced the new parish in the Diocese of Kiyinda Mityana whose official installation is underway, and invited all the faithful to support the project.