Good Samaritan Celebrates their day in Kampala Archdiocese

Today the 24th of November 2022, Kampala Archdiocese Good Samaritan Celebrated their day.

The function started with Holy Mass at Nalukolongo Bakateyamba Home Led by Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere.

Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere Celebrating Mass

He also urged every Christian to become a good Samaritan by doing charitable works to the needy since its one of the way to Heaven.

Further more, the Archbishop called upon people of God to help and love each other regardless of the colour, status, tribe among others but also to help everyone unconditionally. He added that the vulnerable are everywhere in the country who need a helping hand.

The Director of Good Samaritan Rev. Fr. Achilles Mayanja and Mrs Regius Yiga the Good Samaritan President were present at the function. Mrs Yiga Delivered the Annual report for Good Samaritan. She highlighted the archivements they have attained including the visits to 1,900,000 people from 150,000 families and 16 prisons within Kampala Archdiocese.

Mrs Regius Yiga delivering Her report

The Guest of Honor Mrs Eugenia Nassolo, Donated 2 million Uganda Shillings to the Good Samaritans to assist them in their works of charity.

Mrs Eugenia Nassolo

During the celebration, Members of the good samaritan Donated items like Sugar, rice, Posho, fruits, soap For the needy.