Here is your Word to Command this Sunday, 4th July 2021

Psalm 123:2

“As a servant depends on his master, as a maid depends on her mistress, so we will keep looking to You, O LORD our God, until You have mercy on us.”

  • Our hands are folded LORD and we now look on what more You have to say.
  • Fix your eyes on the LORD and pray.
  • He will surely have mercy on you.
    -Lord, our supplication is; only for You to fix Your eyes on our eyes.
  • Do not loose sight of our plight!
  • Our pain may betray our resolve to follow You. Help us LORD!
  • We are in confusion; brought about by the lost ones we see going away from our land.

PRAYER: Grant Oh LORD we pray that Your healing power will heal the sick and give Your mighty SPIRIT to scientists and herbalists; the knowledge of finding a true and effective cure of the Corona virus and its related side effects. We pray asking for Your mercy and we do this in the mighty name of Jesus the healer. Amen.

Have a blessed Sunday.