Hoima Catholic Diocese Launches construction of Specialized Children and Women’s Hospital

Hoima Catholic Diocese Launches construction of Specialized Children and Women’s Hospital

Hoima Catholic Diocese Launches construction of Specialized Children and Women’s Hospital.

The catholic diocese of Hoima on Saturday 25th June 2022 launched the fundraising and ground breaking of St Mary’s Specialized Children and Women’s Hospital in Bujumbura Hoima city.

The fundraising ceremony started with a session of Holy mass at 10am in Bujumbura led by the Bishop of Hoima Catholic Diocese ;Rt. Rev. Vincent Kirabo accompanied by the entire Hoima Catholic and Christian community with well wishers.

On top of the message from the homily, Bishop Kirabo thanked the government of God and the people of Hoima City for accepting to support the project and asked for total cooperation from all people of Good will to Pray and support the project both manually and financially calling for more public , private, community, and religious partnership for the success of the project to bring best health services to the people of Hoima.

Bishop Vincent Kirabo during Mass

In estimation, he emphasised expecting mothers to utilize existing health facilities for better improved health services saying at a percentage of 44% for the mothers who approach Health facilities for Antenatal services, most of the mothers instead ,have deliveries in villages and city suburbs using local unhealthy methods which result into health complications causing high infant and maternal Mortality rates in Hoima, he then encouraged them to utilize the facilities to help in curbing the rising mortality rates in Hoima and Bunyoro region entirely.

” This Project is aimed at solving Infant, and Maternal Mortality rates recorded for Bunyoro region, and more so, to create health security and preparedness for surprise attacks of Pandemics and other health threats” Bishop Kirabo said.

Quoting from 1Chronicles 28:10, He called upon all the people of Good will to bring a hand, taking it as a responsibility to build up a specialised hospital with a full heart support like how King David accepted and took a role to build the temple of the Lord.

Right Honourable Prime Minister of the republic of Uganda Robinnah Nabbanja accompanied by other government officials, presided over the function for the Chief guest President Museveni and in her remarks he thanked the people of Hoima for turning up for the development cause in their region this rising a supportive hand of Ugx 20Million for this project in cash, presenting more 5Million from Hon. Chris Baryomunsi and attaching the President’s pledge of Ugx.300Million to support the success of the construction of the St.Mary’s Specialised Hospital in the Bunyoro region.

Delivering the President’s message, she extended the president’s thankfulness to the Bishop of Hoima Vincent Kirabo, for starting this project partnering with the Government for the better improved health services to the people in Bujumbura where the Hospital will be built and the entire Bunyoro region. He thanked all people of Hoima for being positive and always getting engaged in Government programs.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja planting a memorial tree.

At the function, was the minister of finance, the members of Parliament for Hoima, the Mayor and other government, religious officials from all around the region of Bunyoro who came to support and witness the fundraising, launch and ground breaking of the St. Mary’s Specialised Hospital which will be located in Bujumbura, Hoima.

Video for The Ceremony