Message to the youth during the Second wave of COVID 19 – Fr. Kizito Yandu

Rev. Fr. Kizito Yandu (L) with Ocatre Slivers (President Ugandan Catholics Online)

Dearest Young people I know what you are going through at this trying time in Uganda more especially when the number of cases infected with COVID 19 increases daily in our country we pray to God to help us in Uganda and in the world against this deadly pandemic of COVID 19. May we have hope in God. All shall be well!

Let us pray and work. It is so important to understand that COVID 19 is dangerous and has killed many of our prominent people in the world. While a lot other people have recovered, the numbers of the dying have increased especially on the African continent and it is therefore important to follow all the SOPs set in place by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) for our own good. For my fellow Ugandans, no patriot will ever allow his people to die. It is therefore important for all of us to cooperate in the fight against this pandemic and strictly follow all guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health {MOH} and the Presidential Directives. Remember health is the biggest wealth every human being needs. Let us keep safe and tolerate the inconveniences caused by lock down measures. I counsel that let the face masks be our daily bread both at home and in the public; hand wash with soap, social distance, regularly sanitizer. The measures have personally protected me since the first wave, and I am sure it will be of safety benefit to you.

As schools and Worship places are closed let us embrace zoom and other online platforms for prayer and work at home if practically possible. We also need to heighten personal and family prayer since such prayers were not stopped.

Father Kizito Yandu is the Arua Diocesan Youth Chaplain and National Director Ugandan Catholics Online