Missionary Holy Childhood Bannakizito Day Celebrations at Namugongo

Missionary Holy Childhood Bannakizito Day Celebrations at Namugongo

Missionary Holy Childhood Bannakizito Day Celebrations at Namugongo

Namugongo Catholic Shrine was filled with joy and excitement as it celebrated the Missionary Holy Childhood Bannakizito Day, under the theme “Doing Mission Together in Communion.” The day’s festivities were marked by a Mass led by the esteemed Bishop Dominic Eibu Bishop of Kotido Diocese.

During the Mass, the Bishop expressed his gratitude to Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere for his unwavering dedication to promoting missionary childhood in the Kampala Archdiocese. He emphasized the importance of children making new friends on this special day.

The Bishop also encouraged the little ones to find happiness in three things. First, he reminded them that God is always with us, guiding and protecting us. Second, he highlighted the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, guiding us on the right path. And third, he emphasized the importance of seeing each other as brothers and sisters of Jesus, creating a sense of unity and love among the children.

In his address, the Bishop urged the children to engage with the Holy Bible and follow in the footsteps of St. Kizito. He stressed the significance of reading and understanding the teachings of the Bible to strengthen their faith and lead a righteous life.

Furthermore, the Bishop urged the little ones to emulate the love and kindness shown by St. Kizito. He encouraged them to treat one another with compassion and care, just as St. Kizito did during his time.

The Bishop concluded his homily by reminding the children not to stray away from God but to work together with the church in their journey of faith. He called upon St. Kizito to intercede for everyone present and ended the Mass on a prayerful note.

Fr Ambrose Bwangatto, the Director of the Pontifical Mission Society kampala Archdiocese, expressed his gratitude to the main celebrant for leading the Mass during the Missionary Holy Childhood Bannakizito Day celebrations at Namugongo. He also extended his thanks to the participating schools for their involvement.

Fr. Pontiano Kaweesa, the National Director of the Pontifical Mission Society (PMS), provided an update on the various missionary societies established by the Pope. These societies include the Society of St. Peter the Apostle, which focuses on praying for young women to embrace religious life and become dedicated nuns.

Another society highlighted is the Society for Missionary Childhood, which is dedicated to children between the ages of 7 and 14, encouraging them to actively participate in missionary work at a young age.

The Pontifical Mission Society also includes the Propagation of the Faith, which emphasizes the responsibility of all baptized individuals to spread the message of the gospel.

In addition, Fr. Kaweesa mentioned the Pontifical Mission Union for religious individuals, emphasizing their role in advancing the teachings of Christ.

Fr. Kaweesa shared a special blessing from Pope Francis, conveying the Pope’s affection for children. During a meeting in Rome, Pope Francis personally expressed his love for children and encouraged them to pray for him and all religious individuals. This heartwarming message serves as a reminder to continue fostering love and compassion towards one another.

In conclusion, Fr. Kaweesa highlighted the importance of these missionary societies and Pope Francis’ unwavering support for their endeavors.

In a significant development for the Bannakizito organization, a change of power within its leadership was also Celebrated. The power was passed from the old chairman to a new chairman, signifying the start of a fresh chapter for the organization.

Expressing gratitude to God for the opportunity to celebrate this momentous occasion, the newly appointed chairman addressed attendees and shared insights into the election process. He reassured the audience that the elections had been conducted in a free and fair manner, emphasizing the importance of transparency and inclusivity within the Bannakizito movement.

During the gathering, the new chairman took the opportunity to introduce the newly elected executive team of Banakizito to the esteemed bishop. The introduction served to solidify the commitment and unity within the organization under the new leadership.Pledging to expand the reach of the Bannakizito movement, the chairman made a promise to those in attendance. He expressed his dedication to spreading the ideals and values of Bannakizito to all schools within the Kampala Archdiocese. This ambitious objective aims to enhance the positive impact the organization has on young individuals, fostering their personal growth and development.

Adding excitement to the event, awards were also presented to the winners of the Bannakizito tournament. The champions were recognized for their exceptional skills, sportsmanship, and dedication displayed during the competition. The awards ceremony served to encourage further participation and enthusiasm for the Bannakizito initiative, inspiring young participants to strive for excellence in all areas of their lives.

As the newly appointed leadership takes the reins of the Bannakizito organization, the future appears bright for this dynamic movement. Their commitment to spreading the Bannakizito ideals, coupled with their determination to empower the youth within the Kampala Archdiocese, promises a transformative and inspiring journey ahead.

The event concluded with a magnificent march past by all the participating schools, where the students confidently paraded, passing the bishop and enthusiastically waving to him. It was a sight to behold as the students showcased their unity and enthusiasm for the cause. The Bishop, visibly pleased, acknowledged their efforts and appreciated their vibrant display.

The Missionary Holy Childhood Bannakizito Day celebrations proved to be a successful gathering, not only in terms of religious devotion but also in fostering a sense of community and togetherness among the schools involved.