Nebbi Catholic Diocese Mourns Rev. Fr. Etienne Onega

The Late Rev. Fr. Etienne Onega

By Henry Otimkisa
Christians of Nebbi Catholic Diocese are in shock and mourning the sudden death of their priest, Reverend Fr Etienne Onega. Admitted at Barry Medical Centre last Friday, Fr Onega passed on early Saturday. He was laid to rest on Monday the 21st at the Nebbi Diocesan Priests’ Cemetery near the Cathedral. “He was a good advisor, and a good counselor,” one of the mourners from Orusi Parish observed about Fr Onega.

Presiding at the funeral, Rt Reverend Sabino Odoki the Bishop of Arua diocese praised Fr Onega for his pastoral zeal, and his hard work. “He was the first Vicar General to Bishop Martin Luluga, and during his time he introduced about 38 projects that were of great benefit to this Diocese,” noted Bishop Sabino. The bishop implored the priests and other Christians to copy the deceased priest’s good example of selfless and faithful service to God. The bishop also encouraged those in attendance never to allow anything to separate them from God, just the way Fr Onega lived.

Conducted in strict observance of the COVID-19 SOPS, those in attendance at the funeral included Rt. Rev Martin Luluga- Bishop Emeritus of Nebbi Catholic Diocese, Msgr Emmanuel Odaga – the Nebbi Diocesan Administrator, Msgr Wokorach Raphael P’Mony the Bishop-Elect of Nebbi Catholic Diocese, several priests, religious brothers and sisters; representatives of Fr Onega’s family, and representatives of the Nebbi diocesan laity. Throughout his priestly life Fr Etienne Onega served in several parishes within Nebbi diocese. “He was a man of few words, a good listener, a good implementer, and he will live forever in the hearts of the people of Nebbi Diocese” noted Msgr Emmanuel Odaga the Nebbi Diocesan Administrator.