Prayer for our Sons

Prayer for our Sons


Eternal God and Father, today we pray for ALL THE BOYS you have placed in our families, at all times and in all things let faith in You come easy for them.

May choosing to trust in You be the most normal and natural choice for them. Help their parents to teach and train and demonstrate faithful Christ-centered living for them – to give them an excellent foundation.

But then Lord, please lead our sons and help them to take up the reigns of their own faith and to fall in love with You for themselves… to trust in you completely from their own hearts.

Not just relying on their parents’ relationships with You, but desiring and pursuing their own unique relationship with You.

May they grow up knowing You – not just knowing facts about You. But truly knowing You, personally, and how real and present and active You are in their life!

May they grow up with their own personal stories of experiencing Your faithfulness and provision and nearness and affirmation.

We don’t want them to just have a second-hand, vicarious relationship with You through us. We want them to be first-hand, real, and unshakable.

And may their first-hand knowledge of Your awesomeness drive them to love You and to live their life for Your glory all the days of their life.
In Jesus’ powerful and beautiful and life-giving and world-changing Name, Amen.