Sad news: The Senior Chaplain of Banakaloli Brothers, Fr. Br. Anatoli Wasswa has passed on.

He died at the Age of 96years, on Friday 6th January he was Going to Celebrate 75 years of Religious life and 44 years of Priesthood.

We thank God for the gift of life and all he enabled him to do for His people.

According to Uganda Episcopal Conference via its Facebook page, Bro Fr Anatoli, worked with Radio Maria every Thursday with Rev Fr Dr Ambrose Bwangatto for catechism lessons.

One time he had this to say about himself. ” I was born in Singo, in a village called Kigo on February 15, 1927. In 1940, I studied catechism classes, and started Primary One the next year. In 1947, I left to go to Kiteredde in Masaka to become a seminarian. In 1948, I became a Brother. In 1950, I went to Busubizi TTC in Mityana, to study teaching. Those days, even somebody who finished Primary six could even work at the county as a clerk. Teachers taught so much, you studied nearly everything.I became an accountant for our group, the Congregation of Bannakaloli Brothers, for 12 years. In 1970, I went to Katigondo to study priesthood, and after that I became Brother Father. I stayed working in Masaka Diocese and most of the work I was doing was as chaplain of the Congregation of Bannakaloli Brothers.”

May his soul Rest in Peace.

“Half a bread is better than none. Please Pray for us as we pray for ourselves to be honest towards our vows” Amen