Saint of the day 10th July 2022, we celebrate Saint Felicitas


Feast Day: July 10


Saint Felicitas is the patron of Widows and Mothers of Dead Sons. Saint was the widow of a rich Roman patrician. She and her seven sons lived during the reign of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus (April 26, 121 – March 17, 180) was Roman Emperor from 161 – 180. She, and her sons converted to Christianity and refused to worship the Roman gods. They were arrested and Felicitas was forced to watch each of her sons being put top death.

St.Felicitas said; “My children will live eternally with Jesus Christ, if they are faithful; they will have only eternal torments to await, if they sacrifice to idols. Your apparent pity is but a cruel impiety.” Then, turning to her children, she said: “Look towards heaven, where Jesus Christ is waiting for you with His Saints! Be faithful in His love, and fight courageously for your souls.”

After every death she was asked to renounce the Christian faith but she was refused. She was beheaded and buried in the cemetery of Maximus beside the Via Salaria.