Saint of the day 30th August 2022, we celebrate Saint Felix and Adauctus Martyrs

August 30: Sts Felix and Adauctus Martyrs (-304)

St Felix was a holy priest in Rome, no less happy in his life of virtue than in his name. Apprehended at the beginning of the Diocletian persecution, he was given up to torture, which he suffered with great constancy and courage. Later, he was condemned to be beheaded.

As the executioners led him to the place of execution, he was met by a stranger, who, being a Christian was so moved at the sight of the Martyr and the glory to which he was hastening, that he cried out: “I confess the same law which this man professes! I confess the name of Jesus Christ, and I also lay down my life in his cause!”
The magistrates, aghast at his open proclamation, ordered the guards to seize him. The stranger gave himself up without resistance and was beheaded along with St Felix.

The name of the stranger, not being known, he was called Adauctus, i.e., the one added, by the Christians. They were buried in the cemetery of Commodilla on the Ostian Way, where a church built over their tomb was uncovered in 1905.

Reflection: “O how truly and rightly named Felix, happy, you who with faith untouched and despising the prince of this world, have confessed Christ and sought the heavenly kingdom. Know you also, brethren, the truly precious faith by which Adauctus too hastened, a victor, to Heaven. The priest Verus, at the command of his ruler Damasus, restored the tomb, adorning the thresholds of the saints” (St Damasus).