The First Sub-Saharan Basilica in Uganda turns 60years
Londonga Minor Basilica

The First Sub-Saharan Basilica in Uganda turns 60years

This year 2021 marks 60 years after Pope John XXIII granted the title of Minor Basilica to the Church that towers in Uganda Yumbe district Arua Diocese on 26th May 1961. The area hosts presumably 76% Muslims and 24% Christians.

History of Lodonga Minor Basilica

The house of God was under the leadership of Rev Fr Pietro Valcavi a Comboni Missionary, the founder of Ludonga Mission. At first, it was constructed with palm trees Rt Rev Sabino Ocan Odoki, Bishop Arua Diocese said. It was a humble beginning that later saw a big Project get a complished. This was celebrated under the theme “Conquer Evil through the Blessed virgin Mary (Rev 12:1)”

In his words Bishop Odoki asked Christians not to fear obstacles as they are part of life. “Only devotion to the blessed Virgin Mary like Fr Sartori would help us to over come. The evils were inflicted by some religious fanatics who didn’t want Christian Religion to flourish in the district and the region at large.

The Bishop thanked Christians for their continuous spiritual committment even when the places of worship are closed and also appealed to them to still observe the S.O.Ps as stipulated by government.