Bishop-elect of Kotido Appeals to Christians to Listen to the Voice of the Church

Bishop-elect of Kotido Appeals to Christians to Listen to the Voice of the Church

Fr Isaac Ojok

The Bishop-elect of Uganda’s Kotido Diocese Very Rev Dominic Eibu (MCCJ) has appealed to Christians to be obedient to the voice of the Church in a bid to grow and be nurtured in the faith received from Christ.

In an exclusive interview with AMECEA news Correspondent, the Bishop-elect mentioned that it is paramount for Christians to remain obedient to the voice of the church because it is Christ who speaks to His people through the church.

“Let people be obedient to the voice of the Church because the Church needs us and we need the church as well”, he said.

By listening and being obedient to the voice of the church, the Bishop-elect went on to note that it empowers the people to be at the service of the church through the faith received.

The Bishop-elect went on to implore particularly the youngsters to have hope in Christ despite the challenges and the frustrations surrounding their lives being caused by the internal and external forces noting that it through faith and hope in Him that we remain determined and focused on the future.

He stressed the need for the youth to cooperate and be committed in order to create way for the better future.

He also reminded the young people that, no one can improve their lives without commitment, collaboration and perseverance from them even in the face of desperation and challenges in the current world of today.

Even in the face of many challenges, the Bishop-elect encouraged the youth not to be afraid but to be motivated, have positive ambitions, confidence and trust in their ability in a move to work confidently and build just and better society favorable for them.

The prelate further noted that this can only be made possible when they (youth) listen to the voice of the church and accept to be guided to live morally to enable them influence society positively since they are the majority.

He warned that sometimes society can mean to remain defiant and reject guidance from the church noting that the mentality can lead to failure in life, the practice which many people say is common and well known among the young people.

In his message to the Christians, the Bishop-elect asked them to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with renewed heart and peace in their lives.