Chancellor of Lira Diocese urges Laity to focus on their Roles in the Church

Chancellor of Lira Diocese urges Laity to focus on their Roles in the Church

Chancellor of Lira Diocese urges Laity to focus on their Roles in the Church

Fr Isaac Ojok

The chancellor of Lira diocese Rev Fr Emmanuel Opio has implored the Laity to play their roles for proper administration of Pastoral and Spiritual growth among the people of God.

During his homily on the occasion of the memorial of St Leo the great Boroboro Sub-parish in Lira city, Fr Emmanuel Opio noted that for the parish to grow, and function properly requires the laity to corporate with their Spiritual leaders in discharging pastoral and spiritual care among the flock.

He went on to urge the Christians to engage in activities with the aim to facilitate and promote the work of evangelization as commanded by Christ.
He reiterated that as part of their obligations, Christians should be focused, play their roles promptly to ensure holistic growth among the Christian communities.

According to Fr Opio, the intended plan and work can be achieved only when they are United as one family of God living to promote evangelization.

Apart from corporation and physical growth, he stressed that Christians are to embrace the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony in a move to be entrusted with responsibilities, become effective witnesses of Christ to the world.
He added that the Laity can contribute to the work of evangelization and become effective witnesses of Christ to the world when they gather resources together to help the poor people living among them.

He further exhorted the congregation to also focus on wealth creation in their families to fight household poverty among them and to be able to support the church.
He challenged the Christians to always be available to their mission they are sent to implement saying this can only be done and achieved the end results by those who are concerned about the development of their church.
He said it is timely for the Catechists and other Pastoral agents to conduct massive mobilization of resources for the development of their church.

The chancellor commended the priests serving at Boroboro for the development achieved and encouraged them to keep the good spirit they are using at the moment to empower Christians be the light of the world.

Head Catechist Mr Tom Odok, who spoke on behalves of other Pastoral agents commended Fr Patrick Odur for his visionary leadership that is stimulating Physical and Spiritual growth among the Christians under the juridical administration of Boroboro.

He pledged that as catechists and other Pastoral agents, they commit to work in unity with their leaders and the Christian community for the growth of faith in the church.

Boroboro sub parish was established on 11 November 2021 and at the moment it is being prepared to become a substantive Parish. The Sub-parish was curved out of Lira Cathedral parish with the aim to extend services nearer to the people of God.

Currently Rev Fr Patrick Odur is the Administrator of Boroboro sub parish being assisted by Fr Denish Omara who doubles as the Vocations Director of Lira diocese.