Daily Reflection Friday 24th September 2021

Daily Reflection Friday 24th September 2021

24th September 2021

Luke 9:18-22


“But who do you say I am? Peter replied, the Christ of God.”
If we believe Jesus to be the Christ, the Messiah, the son of the Living God or Saviour of the world, then; we will put our ultimate faith in him, we will allow him permission to transform us, we will live our entire lives as an offering to him.
Does your obedience to Jesus or disobedience suggest something about who you consider Jesus to be?

Dear Jesus, help me, by your Spirit, to live each day in light of who you truly are – The Christ;
The Messiah. May my lifestyle reflect my confession. To you be all the glory! Amen.

Rev. Fr. Alexander Mwebembezi