Daily Reflection Wednesday 8th December  2021

Daily Reflection Wednesday 8th December 2021


Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Luke 1:26-38

How could Mary be born without a stain of sin? How would the Virgin Mary give birth to a baby without knowing a man? How can an old barren woman like conceive? Friends, these are things that only God can do. We serve the God of the Impossible. Do you believe that? Our fears will diminish if we really take hold of this truth. If we place our faith in God, and in Jesus Christ, we are able to declare that “nothing is impossible,” because we know the One with whom all things are possible. So, what mountains are you facing right now? Believe nothing is impossible.

Mary conceived without sin, pray for us that we may ever remain in faith and hope. Amen