Kabaka sends condolences to Cardinal Wamala

Kabaka sends condolences to Cardinal Wamala

Today the 1st November 2021 the Katikiro of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga paid a courtesy visit to the Cardinal of Uganda Cardinal Emmanuel Wammala.

The Katikiiro did this as away to extend the Kabaka’s and his own condolences to the Cardinal for the loss of his young brother Monsignor Henry Kyabukasa.

Late Msgr Henry Kyabukasa (Courtesy photo)

In his words, the Cardinal Wamala thanked the Premiere and Kabaka for the endless love extended to him besides their busy schedule .

The Cardinal also informed the Premiere that his visit was a ground breaking for his 40th Episcopal anniversary and the 27th year as a Cardinal on 22nd November 2021

The Katikiiro also pledged to continue the partnership between the kingdom and church and also asked the Cardinal to continue praying for him and the Kingdom at Large as they continue to do their work.The Katikiiro came along with gifts for the Cardinal as a sign of love to his Eminace.

Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala receiving gifts From the katikiiro