“Lira Diocese Catechists vaccinated to build public confidence in Covid-19 vaccines.”

Building Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines has today brought in another 26 Catechists and a priest to receive their first and second dose of AstraZeneca given by Ogur Health Centre IV.

With the request from the Parish Priest of Lira Cathedral Parish Rev. Fr. George Ogwal Akaca, Sr. Anyes Akullu said 29 Catechists have already received their first dose on the 18th of August.

Akullu who is also the in charge Alik Health Centre III in Amac Sub-County Lira District Local Government encouraged those who have not yet got the vaccine to go and get vaccinated for this will prevent them from getting severe infection from Covid-19.

She added that, many factors still influence Covid-19 vaccine decision-making, including cultural, social, and political factors; individual and group factors; and vaccine-specific factors. However, confidence in the vaccines, the vaccinator, and the system all support the decision to get vaccinated.

The Catechists appreciated the idea brought in by His Lordship the Rt. Rev. Sanctus Lino Wanok, the Bishop of Lira Diocese and the Parish authority. They however, requested that the idea be extended to all Parishes in the Diocese of Lira.