Masaka Diocese Celebrates 143 years of the arrival of Catholic Missionaries on Ugandan soil

Masaka Diocese Celebrates 143 years of the arrival of Catholic Missionaries on Ugandan soil

Catholics from Masaka diocese and other parts of Uganda joined the Bishop of Masaka His Lordship Serverus Jumba to celebrate mass at Bugoma landing site in commemoration of 143 years since the arrival of the first Catholic missionaries on Ugandan soil.

Pilgrimage At Bugoma landing site

Bishop Jumba in his homily reminded the Congregants while Fr. Simeon Lourdel and Brother Amans brought us light of God to Uganda, it was now the duty of every baptized Christian to share the light of Christ with other people. He urged all Christians to remember their baptismal date, and also to renew their baptismal call.

Bishop Jumba giving his Homily

He also Urged Christians to strongly engage themselves in prayers on this he gave an example of Children who welcomed him ” for this reason i thank the kids who welcomed Me before i stepped out of the Boat they had already started the creed accorded with the Rosary, I reached church with only one decade left. exclaimed Jumba

Bishop Jumba also encouraged Christians to regularly receive the Eucharist since it is food for the journey; and he also asked them to pray for the priests since they share in Christs’ priesthood.

Quoting Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si Bishop Jumba urged Christians to always be mindful of the environment and all it contains. He particularly asked Christians to desist from using polythene bags.

Bugoma landing site is found in Kalangala district which is part of Masaka diocese. It is at Bugoma that the first Catholic missionaries first landed before leaving for Kigungu Entebbe Uganda on 15 February 1879, arriving on the 17th of February 1879. Masaka diocese annually organizes mass to pray in honor of the early missionaries and the gift of faith in Uganda.

Bugoma landing site